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Dan Waldschmidt will force you to take your game to the next level. Using his experience working with billion dollar business leaders and his years of research behind EDGY Conversations, Dan shares the powerful lessons of what it takes to achieve breakthrough regardless of your industry or problem.

If you are looking for an inspiring conversation, rich with stories and practical takeaways, let's talk.

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The "IF" factor

Using the 1,000+ stories and case studies that he researched when writing his best-selling book, EDGY Conversations. Dan will captivate you with stories about the small city who stood up against the greatest king who had ever lived, how to run 100 miles when you're too tired to move, and how smart companies make millions more by being more valuable. No bullet points. No theories. No boring Powerpoints. Real talk from a guy who has helped the biggest companies in the world dominate their industry. Now it's time for you to do the exact same thing.

What You'll learn

There are 6 key lessons that all high performers in business, math, sports, science, and politics have learned to get to that point in their life and career. In our time together we'll explore:

  1. The superpower of outworking everyone else around you

  2. Why being weird is essential to massive long terms progress 

  3. How to use the right technology to get what you want  

  4. Why you should say "NO" more often to yourself

  5. How to be so valuable people can't live without you 

  6. The toughness you need to develop to stay focused

Whether it is a 45-minute keynote as part of your company's annual sales kick-off or a 3-hour working session with your senior leadership team at a retreat, Dan will inspire you to think differently—and be awesome. 





You want your audience to be entertained and inspired, but you always want them to leave with actionable next steps and new habits that lead to more winning. That's exactly the superpower Dan Waldschmidt delivers.

Using the strategies, tools, and methods of "the world's most unlikely high performers", Dan will empower your audience with the focus, insight, and accountability they need to achieve their best results yet. His stories of ordinary humans achieving outrageous success will light a fire under each member of the audience to launch an extraordinary life of their own. 



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The business world needs Dan Waldschmidt’s edgy ideas.
— Jill Konrath
the highest rated speaker we ever had.
— Jared Hamilton, CEO Driving Sales
Dan is an electrifying speaker.
Dan is a persuasive and inspiring leader.
— Catherin Ospina, Managing Director America Empresarial
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Your time is valuable. Your event is valuable. What can we do to make sure Dan is more valuable than just a keynote?  Tell us what matters most in your organization. We're open to anything that makes our experience together magical.

An extra Q&A? Yep. VIP Dinner the night before? You bet. Book signings? Sure. A one-on-one workshop or multiple sessions? No problem. Let's make awesome happen.