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winners achieve
the impossible.

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edgy is the
mindset of

Sit down. Shut up. Don’t make a scene. It’s what you’ve been told (and what we all tell our kids). Be honest. You’ve been indoctrinated to conform to the ordinary. You want to break free, but all you find when you look for help are “get rich quick” schemes or somebody else’s outdated success story.

That's frustrating. You know you want more, but aren’t sure where to turn. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what you do. Four principles will guide you towards your goal: extreme behavior, disciplined activity, a giving mindset, and a (y)human strategy.

That's EDGY. It took me 1000+ interviews and a team of neuroscientists to help me figure out that what I had uncovered was a mindset. A way of tackling success found in every ordinary person who achieves outrageous success.

In other words, we figured out the formula for awesome.




Are you struggling with stalled revenue growth? Are your leaders looking for ways to create more impact. Are you missing that inspiration you once had in your business? Dan will lead you to success using his proven process and many years of experience building high performing teams. The easiest way to engage isn't a big consulting project. Try asking Dan to speak at your next big event.  



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thousands of
hours in research.
one life-changing


The EDGY philosophy lends itself to solving life problems—all areas. It makes you better at what you’re already good at. It is the gateway and guiding hand to high achievement. See for yourself. You’ll shock the resolve right into you—promise.