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"Even if you didn't make it the last time, this next time might be the perfect opportunity for you to prove to yourself that you are tougher than you ever thought possible." - Dan Waldschmidt

How can something so awful, something that causes pain to others be so helpful?

Like other complicated things in life, pain may not have any specific cause at all. It can have many underlying causes but pain can also be clearly beneficial.

[BYOA] Rockit Gaming

"Not every single thing that you do is a representative of you but that's okay because you put in the time to get there and you just learn by continuing to do things." - Rockit Gaming

Russel and Vinny of Rockit Gaming share how we normally focused too heavily on doing things and that we don't realize how unimportant those things are and until we do it enough. They share their journey on how they started working in the nerdcore gaming music. Together with Broc and Dan, you will surely hear another zero to hero kind of story, get inspired on how these dudes overcome all the struggles they encounter and learned another way on how to become more awesome in your life.


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