Championship-Grade Forgiveness

Part of building a bigger version isn't about dreaming wild dreams. It's about unburning yourself from the things that hold you down, the things that blind you." - Dan Waldschmidt

The biggest part of this epiode is forgiving yourself. We all don't realized how good we are in forgiving ourselves. We might don't even know that we like ourselves.

As you listen to this episode, try to look deeply at yourself.

red ants

"Even if you didn't make it the last time, this next time might be the perfect opportunity for you to prove to yourself that you are tougher than you ever thought possible." - Dan Waldschmidt

How can something so awful, something that causes pain to others be so helpful?

Like other complicated things in life, pain may not have any specific cause at all. It can have many underlying causes but pain can also be clearly beneficial.


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