[BYOA] Jeremy Boyum

Dan and Broc interview Jeremy Boyum from Shadow of Whales, a band based in Texas. Jeremy makes some great points about business not being constant growth, but a series of ups and downs. Be careful not to let laziness strike and every time you fall, you will get back up a stronger person if you keep at it. He reminds listeners to speak positivity into their lives and as anyone that is part of the EDGY Empire knows to “Do the hard things.”

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Theme music ("Runaway") by Shadow of Whales:

[BYOA] Channell Holmgren

Amazing interview with an amazing overcomer. Today Dan and Broc talk with Channéll Holmgram of Inspired by Purpose. Listen how trusting the process and taking that first big step has made a massive difference in Channéll’s life. Raw and real dialogue about not drowning out the encouraging voices with drugs and alcohol. Exhausting every resource. Being willing to be wrong more often than being right.

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Theme music ("Runaway") by Shadow of Whales.


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