Why Radical Candor Will Change Your Life.

Success usually requires a bit of awkwardness. One of those awkward moments can be you practicing radical candor.

Candor is one of those subjects that often gets misunderstood.

Those who are habitually cruel use the label candor to justify their jerkish behavior. On the other hand, those who struggle with conflict and seek to avoid it at all costs excuse away their lack of candor by pretending that they care too much.

In truth, candor is balanced. It's already the "middle of the line" option. Not unnecessarily cruel. Not overly kind. Just true words delivered in a way so that others can use it to be their best self.

According to the dictionary, candor is "the quality of being open and honest in expression."

So what is radical candor?

It's practicing candor even when you have to be open and honest with people that you love and respect greatly.

Radical candor is you saying what is on your mind when it is emotionally easier to do nothing.

You have to fight a lot of battles in a day. It can be easy to let the stress and strain of that combat diminish your ability to utilize candor to help you.

Instead of saying the truth and possibly offend someone, it's just a lot easier to sigh and overlook the situation -- hoping that people and situations automatically fix themselves. In truth, not much in life ever gets fixed without honesty and openness.

It's easier said than done. But when it is done, it's a powerful accelerator for getting closer to your dreams.

To test that that, ask yourself this question: "How much better would your life be right now in a thousand small ways if you were more open and honest and your daily interactions?"

Dan Waldschmidt