The Biggest Change You Need To Make Is The Smallest One You Won't Consider.

Massive progress comes from small improvements.

It's easy to dream about breakthrough as if you work and work and work and then all of a sudden stumble across the magic solution.

But that's just not how life happens. That's not the process by which extraordinary success is birthed.

Success, breakthrough, or whatever else you want to call getting to where you want to be, is the direct result of thousands of tiny, seemingly insignificant upgrades that you make on an ongoing basis.

It's about tweaking your choices when you realize there is a better option.

It's about being vulnerable enough to listen to others who can give you new options. It's about owning your outcomes and being willing to change — even when it means your feelings might get hurt.

Being open to making those small changes is not an automatic response mechanism for most of us.

We live in a social environment where admitting that you're wrong can be a daunting status to overcome.

Admitting that you have room for improvement requires a bit of self-awareness and personal persistence that's hard to conjure up unless you are radically focused on getting to where you want to be. Unless every ounce of your being is pointed in the direction of progress.

That by itself won't come automatically either.

You have to dwell on the impact you wish most to create.

You have to let it consume you. Enthrall you. Inspire you.

Holding on to your dream is what allows you to temporarily set aside your feelings and ego in order to achieve the results you so desperately want for yourself.

It’s the smallest change. But the results will change your destiny.

Dan Waldschmidt