You Don't Need to Be Running The Company To Get The Benefits Of Being Delightful.

There's a direct connection between greatness and delight.

The most successful companies -- those producing consistent growing profit -- focus manically on delivering surprise and delight.

You can't build a hundred-year-old company if you don't care about delivering outrageous customer service.

It just doesn't happen.

It can seem attractive to be trendy and cool and relevant in the short run without caring about people, but you won't last without a plan to deliver surprise and delight.

The same is true of you as an individual.

You don't need to be "a company" to understand the importance of delivering surprise and delight. In fact, it's more likely than not that you'll never be in charge of an enterprise. You won't get the chance to dictate across the entire corporation a focus of delivering surprise and delight.

But you can still make a difference just being you.

It's still just as important. It's just as impactful.

Whether you are trying to get a raise, convince individuals of your point of view, or build your career — surprise and delight is your fast track toward guaranteed outcomes.

The results won't always be perfectly spectacular -- but you will consistently outperform everyone else around you.

No matter your plan or position or current project, ask yourself a singular question: "Will my behavior create delight?"

If not, level up. 

Dan Waldschmidt