Where You Are Now Can't Be Where You Stop.

There's always another level. There is always more room for delivering surprise and delight and what you do each day. 

So what is that level for you? It starts with a simple question: "What would make what I'm doing even more spectacular?" 

Change the adjective. Add your own. Refine it. Tweak it. 

But, try it. 

It's not a hard question. But it is revealing. It's not always easy to think about the next level when you've already broken through a level and find yourself enjoying where you are. 

In truth, there's room to celebrate. You're growing and getting better. You're taking things to another level. 

But where you are now can’t be where you stop.

No matter how much you grown or gained, there's room for you to play the game at a higher level. Remember that. 

You don't need to be a workaholic to push yourself to play the game at a higher level. 

This isn't about obsession or managing the details. 

It is simply a reminder that you are either moving forwards or falling behind. 

Keep challenging yourself. Keep pushing yourself. 

Level up!

Dan Waldschmidt