When You Actual Believe That You're In Control Of Your Destiny.

You chose the life you're living. Your results and outcomes -- they are the consequences of your decisions.

For good or bad, you are the creator of your destiny.

That should be encouraging to you.

Even if you're not in a spot that you're especially proud of right now, you get to make the decision about where you end up.

You call the shots.

It’s your will and persistence and mindset that determine where you go and how fast you get there.

You probably don't disagree with any of that. There's a part of you that knows you're supposed to own up to your own behavior. That accountability and responsibility are something that you are in charge of.

So why not live like it?

If you can choose anything, why not choose what you really want?

The choices you make determine the outcomes that you experience. That's always true.

It might take time for that to happen. But it will happen. The seeds you plant become the crops that you harvest.

If you truly believed that you were holding your future in your own hands,  you would act differently.

  • You would probably wake up at a different time and go to bed at a different time.
  • You would allow different words to come out of your mouth and have different thoughts running through your head during the day.
  • You would probably live a different life than the one you're living right now.

Which is ironic, because all you've been talking about recently is how badly you "want it" and that you're willing to do whatever it takes.

So stop talking about it and start acting like you care.

Choose better. Act better. Be grateful and kind. Do the right thing even when no one is watching you. Dream big and work bigger.

Remember, you call the shots.

No matter where you are right now, you can end up where you want to be. But you can’t do that with your head in the sand.

You have to take ownership of your life. Fast.

Today is the time to take that first step towards the future you've been telling everybody else you want to get to. The anecdote to your problems isn't the hope that they magically fix themselves.

It is to take action. To be bold. To choose wisely.

You got this. Time to level up.

Dan Waldschmidt