That One Strategy For Epic Growth You've Always Been Waiting For.

Perhaps the most overlooked strategy for outrageous business growth is surprise and delight -- you intentionally manufacturing magical experiences for your buyers, your prospects, and everyone else you come into contact with.

The reason why surprise and delight is so magically effective is that so very few companies specialize in it. Most companies don't even think about it -- let alone have a plan to improve upon it.

In truth, most discussions around sales and marketing are about doing more. More emails. More sales activity. More calls, postings, viewers, sales, and transactions.

It's about more -- but your buyers don't really care about more. They care about better. Something better. And not just a little bit better.

Something so much better that it's surprising. And then delightful.

An experience that is so memorable you feel like it should last forever. You know you're spending money with someone -- and maybe more than you anticipated at first -- but you feel good about it. You feel like you want more of it.

It's so new and fresh and exciting -- so invigorating -- that you're left with a warm place in your soul that wasn't there before.

That's the tactical advantage of a focused effort on manufacturing surprise and delight.

Imagine if your clients were so outrageously happy with you that they were asking what else you could do for them and how else they could spend money with you?

When was the last time you had a raving fan?

That person who falls so magically in love with what you do and who you are that they can't help but share the message of your wonderment with everyone they interact with.

They're completely swept off their feet.

Deeply emotional, in love with you, and desperately loyal -- even to a fault.

It's possible to build a company that services just those people. It's possible to manufacture awesomeness so completely that your community and industry and the entire world stop for a moment of awe and wonder.

You're missing out on the opportunity to be a part of magnificent growth -- as a company, as a leader, and as an individual when you overlook the idea of focusing on surprise and delight.

Think about where you are right now. Think about how much further ahead you would be if you had a community of obsessed and delighted buyers.

Go there.

Push the limits of profitability by investing in a long-term strategy that will pay off in thousands of percents of growth.

Take things to the next level in your personal life by manufacturing so much awesomeness you leave others surprised and absolutely delighted.

Start by asking yourself this one tough question: "Who do I need to be an order to consistently manufacture surprise and delight?"

Dan Waldschmidt