It Is Impossible For Success Not To Happen When You Believe.

Have some faith. Trust the process. Believe that it will all work out.

It's easy to throw around words.

It's a lot harder to believe in them. To build your plan around them. To keep executing strategy directed by those words, even when your results don't seem to line up.

But that's where you going to spend most of your time -- while you're trying to figure it out.

You're not going to go from "searching for it" to "found it" overnight.

It's going to take you weeks and months, possibly decades, to figure out all the components -- all the parts of the solution -- that allow you to manufacture awesomeness consistently.

It's not just about having all the pieces. You have to know how they all fit together. The timing and tone and intensity of each element.

Which is incredibly painful to figure out.

Most people give up along the way. You're going to be tempted to do the same thing. Especially when you've tried so many times it seems like trying anymore is just another exercise in insanity.

Which is why you have to trust the process. And have some faith. Believe that you're smart enough to figure it out in the end. That's the dark side of delivering surprise and delight.

The finished product is glorious -- unmatched in its greatness and awe. You see it. They see it. Everyone sees it.

But to get there, to find yourself in that moment when it all comes together magnificently, you have to find yourself in many more moments of emotional agony.

Your heart being torn out by the roots. Frustration and failure. Another loss. Another ill-fated experiment. It grinds on you. Beat you down.

Makes you feel like success is never going to happen.

But success will happen.

It's impossible that it won't happen. It can't not happen.

But only when you believe. When you trust. When you have faith. And then you let those emotions carry you along your day.

Despite the failure that comes. Despite the fear you feel. Despite the strange looks and raised eyebrows you get from those around you.

Just believe. Let it infect you. And drive you. Lead you.

Don't give up on your journey to delivering surprise and delight. To get there, you're going to have to experience everything but that.

Dan Waldschmidt