Your Results Aren't An Accident. That's Who You Are.

You believe something. Your actions make that very clear.

At a very basic level, if you don't believe something is possible you won't even try. Your beliefs shape your perspectives and your behavior.

Nothing you do is an accident. It comes from something inside you. Something that you believe.

Think about that. And then connect that to your most recent behavior.

What do your reactions tell you about what you believe?

Maybe you've been pretending to believe. Maybe you've just been going through the motions so that you don't cause a scene or alienate the people that you want to impress. 

Your behavior and the results that follow it aren’t an accident. And they aren’t a mystery. They flow consciously and unconsciously from the beliefs that drive your personal operating system.

If you don't believe that kindness matters, then you'll find yourself reacting cynically, and sometimes quite horribly, when others treat you unfairly.

If you don't believe that hard work matters, you'll find yourself chasing shortcuts, searching the web for guarantees, changing your strategy at the whim of experts who tell you there's an easy alternative, and generally failing at mastery.

Rate yourself. Get personal.

Do your results stack up to the beliefs that you think you live your life by?

What needs to change?

Take the EDGY Beliefs Audit and see for yourself.


Dan Waldschmidt