Why You're Not Willing To Sacrifice For What You Really Want Even Though You Know You Should.

If you're not willing to sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.

That's the truth. The hard truth.

You're not going to get to where you want to be without investing in people, ideas, and processes that make you better.

You are going to have to sacrifice some money in order to make that happen.

And not just money. Progress demands effort and focus.

You're going to have to say "NO" to some good opportunities so that you can pursue a great opportunity.

And it's not just money and time and focus or thousands of other day to day sacrifices -- it's the stuff that happens on the inside that is usually toughest. The emotional battle. The loneliness. The temporary lack of clarity.

A lot of people talk about being willing to do whatever it takes, but the truth is, that most people back down, quit, and make convenient excuses for why they aren’t where they want to be.

They aren't willing to sacrifice. They're not willing to get back up and go back into the battle when they're already battered by the last battle.

Maybe you have found yourself in this position before. Gasping for air and struggling to find the resolve to do more work when all the work you've put in this far doesn't seem to be working.

Which is where belief becomes really important.

In fact, it is the most important thing. The only thing that will get you through those tough times.

  • You believing that your dream is too important to give up on.
  • You believing that just because other people criticize you doesn't mean you're wrong.
  • You believing that you will figure it all out by the time it matters.
  • You believing that you're destined for greatness and fulfillment and happiness.
  • You believing that you're the type of person meant to experience massive success.
  • You believing that within you is everything you're ever going to need to achieve the lifestyle you've always dreamed about.

It's belief that makes sacrifice possible.

Without belief, you will end up as one or those sad people who sacrifices what you want.

Unless you believe, you will be too weak to keep going. To unsure to keep moving forward.

Which is why what you believe matters. Which is why you focusing on your beliefs and strengthening your beliefs matters.

Because if success is measured by what you're willing to sacrifice, your belief is the only thing worth measuring.

Dan Waldschmidt