The Only Piece of Success Advice You Need To Achieve All Your Goals.

I get asked the same question in almost every interview. Whether it's a business show on TV or radio or podcast interview talking about high performance or breakthrough strategy.

"Knowing what you know now, what is the number one piece of advice you would give yourself 20 years ago?"

Sometimes the question is asked a little bit differently.

"If you could leave us all with only one piece of advice, what would that be?" 

In both cases, my answer is the same. Short. And simple. 

Just a single word. Believe.

Too many of us spend most of our lives doing what other people tell us we should be doing. Following someone else's playbook. Working hard to make other people happier than we are.

Maybe you're the exception. Maybe you already have unshakable belief in what you're trying to accomplish.

Maybe you fail and it doesn't bother you. Maybe you aren't really interested in what other people think about you and your goals.

If you’re human, you have moments when believing is hard. Nearly impossible.

You know you should believe. You want to believe. But you're just not sure how.

It's bad enough that everyone else around you thinks you're crazy. But now there's a part of you that thinks they might be right. That you aren't the person meant to achieve the level of success you envision.

Which brings us back to the lesson you learn eventually -- hopefully sooner than later.

You can achieve anything as long as you believe you should.

Impossible is nothing when you're determined to make it so. In fact, the only thing standing between where you are right now and where you want to be is belief.

It's not the belief itself that makes success possible. It's what your belief makes you do.

It's the perspective it gives you. The resilience and determination and stamina that it empowers you with.

Thoughts in your head aren't enough to change the world.

Belief requires better behavior.

But all of that stops and starts with what you believe. And how much you believe.

So if there's one piece of advice I can give you right now -- no matter what you're going through -- it is to keep believing.

Believe that you're broken relationships can be mended.

Believe that you can be happy despite the pain you feel right now.

Believe that wealth and riches are your destiny.

Believe that happiness is your birthright.

Believe that the future doesn’t need to look like your past.

Hold on to that belief. Fuel that belief. Protect it at all costs.

Dan Waldschmidt