Stop Waiting For Your Beliefs To Feel Bad Before You Fix Them.

What you believe doesn't feel awkward to you or wrong. It's what you believe.

You might not even know what you believe until you act in a way that's new and alarming.

That's the power of belief. It's behind everything that you do. Most of it is subconscious.

That's true because most of us spend very little conscious time trying to figure out what we actually believe.

But even though you don’t spend much time figuring out what you believe and leveraging that for greater success — inside your soul, your beliefs are impacting your mind, your body, and your will.

For many people, strapping on a suicide vest and sacrificing your own life to kill hundreds of others sounds like a proposition that is so far-fetched, that is simply unbelievable.

But it is believable. Sadly. Because there are those who do it.

But it's not usually that extreme.

For many people, kindness and respect are virtues to live by and guidelines we use to teach the next generation the rules for achieving success.

But it's clear to see when those guidelines are only ideas o ta;lk about publicly.

When you don't truly believe in kindness and respect for others, you live out a life that clearly shows that you don't really care how you behave -- as long as you get what you want.

According to your beliefs, there are no rules in the pursuit of success. No absolutes.

And no matter how much you want to excuse that away, it's a recipe for disaster. A plan guaranteed to come back and hurt you.

It doesn't matter if you can explain it away.

People exploding bombs on themselves have an excuse for their behaviors too. Your beliefs seem natural to you. Acceptable. Well thought-out.

So don't use that as an excuse when you're trying to justify your beliefs. There's really only one question that matters -- Are your beliefs getting you closer to where you want to be? Are your beliefs helping you? Or are they hurting you?

And, how do you know?

If you haven't already had the chance to take the EDGY Beliefs Audit and then follow it up with the short exercise that follows. It's a good start to help you figure out what you believe -- and, more importantly, how those beliefs are impacting your path to success.

Dan Waldschmidt