Do You Even Know What You Believe?

You've heard it said before that what you believe you become.

The truth is that what you believe, you are.

You might not have already acted on your beliefs -- especially if they're socially unacceptable --but you are already that person. For good. Or bad.

Which begs an even more important question.

Do you know what you believe?

When was the last time you gave serious attention to what you believe?

You can spend decades going through the motions, swapping out behaviors in pursuit of better results, without ever figuring it out the beliefs that have been behind it all.

If you believe that you're a winner, you'll keep working to figure out how to get there. Even when you don't win all the time. Or haven't even won at all yet.

If you believe that achieving financial success is a result of getting lucky, then you'll ignore the basics of saving, budgeting, planning, and investing that guarantee financial independence.

If you're not happy with who you are right now, check your beliefs.

Take a good hard look at what is behind your behaviors. Don't let yourself off easy.

Don't make assumptions about why you do what you do. Really dig deep. You might need help to do this.

Your beliefs are not an accident. Neither are your results. Neither is the situation you find yourself in right now.

It's all driven by your beliefs so what do you believe? Do you know?

Take a moment and find out:

Dan Waldschmidt