Do Something Crazy To Build Better Beliefs.

Your beliefs are reinforced or created by your experiences.

What you do and what happens to you creates and reinforces the beliefs you use to experience, measure, and engage the rest of your life.

One quick way to hack your beliefs and improve them rapidly is through new experiences.

For me, ultra running is my "belief factory." In fact, running in general is what reinforces many of my beliefs.

The long distances and stressful conditions create an environment where resilience, determination, clear thinking, and discipline are necessary, even valuable, skills.

If you don't believe that, try running a 100+ mile race without the right planning, preparation, or head space.

Every single time I cross the finish line of a race, no matter how wrecked my body feels at the time, I reinforce my belief in myself that I have what it takes to be successful.

I believe that I'm capable -- not by winning, but by finishing the task in front of me.

Here's the kicker. I don't need to do those races.

I don't need to put myself in that environment or under that stress.

The inevitable pain that follows for a few days after the event is completely unnecessary, at least for most people.

But it does something special that anyone involved in such an experience can really understand. It reinforces the power of my beliefs.

I relearn important lessons about humility and not quitting. My beliefs in the power of resilience and the necessity of fitness in all areas of life -- they are magnified. That's the power of experience.

What experience do you need to put yourself right in the middle of in order to upgrade your beliefs?

Is it fitness related? Is it meeting a famous mentor you have always dreamed about?

Is it attending a self-help seminar that you've never had the courage to try? Your beliefs are not accidental and they are not permanent.

You are what you create. You are what you become. What experience can help you get there faster?

Dan Waldschmidt