Your Momentum Is Not About Luck Or Not Having Problems. It's About What You Believe.

Having momentum isn't about not having problems.

Your effort isn't proportional or dependent on your current situation.

You being able to do the right thing is driven by a different source of motivation -- your desire to get closer to where you want to be.

Momentum is a product of your motivation.

Your desire to keep going even when things get bad is a result of your inspiration. None of that is an accident. Or luck.

It's all a result of the thoughts you allow yourself to think and your immediate response to the results you achieve at any one time.

It's natural to get discouraged when you try hard and still end up failing. But your interpretation of that experience is what determines if you keep your momentum or not.

If your immediate reaction to failure is that ‘you’re never going to make it,’ your chances at staying inspired and maintaining momentum are ridiculously impossible.

It's not going to happen.

On the other hand, if you look at failure as a game or an experiment -- something that you can change and improve -- you're going to do just that. Keep trying. Keep growing. Keep working at it.

Thoughts become things. What you believe becomes your reality.

Your beliefs are the building blocks of your future. Even if it wasn't meant to be, you make it so with the momentum of your daily reinforcement. 

Your thoughts are momentum. Your beliefs are momentum. Your attitude is momentum.

You're never going to have a situation where problems don't impact you -- where fear and doubt and failure decide to leave you alone.

What powers you on days when it's tough? Do you know?

Or are you tossed from side to side by whatever happens in the moment?

Dan Waldschmidt