Momentum Stalls When You Don't Do What Matters.

The quality of your momentum is directly tied to the quality of your daily habits. Improve one and you will improve the other.

It's easy to make time for introspection when everything is going wrong and you realize that you need to change things drastically. But what are you doing today and tomorrow and every day next week to make sure things don't go wrong in the first place?

Are you taking time to look within yourself and improve before you need to make drastic changes?

It's easy to cut back on your spending and be frugal when you're strapped for cash. But what about how you're living your life today? Are you budgeting? Are you saving and investing?

How you spend your money clearly shows how you prioritize your momentum.

Change will happen. You will have to adapt and grow and change. Why force tragedy to make that change so brutal?

You can just adjust your daily habits right now and realize the positive momentum you so desperately need in your life.

And that's the secret to momentum. It doesn't require a massive daily over-investment of will and skill, money, and emotional bandwidth.

You just need to do what matters. And strip away the things that cost you progress.

Dan Waldschmidt