8 Questions To Ask Yourself When You're Not Sure What To Do.

Doing the right thing isn't always easy. In fact, it's not always easy to know what "doing the right the right thing" actually is.

It's painful to realize that your past actions have come back to threaten your current momentum. It's hard to watch everything you have worked for melt away under the consequences of poor past deeds.

So there needs to be a way for you to check, in the moment, the quality of your decision.

To gauge the possibility that what you are deciding right now might come back to hurt you in the future.

Here are a few helpful questions to help you protect your future momentum:

  1. Would I be embarrassed if other people were to know that I was making this decision?
  2. What advice would I give someone else if they were in my position?
  3. Is this a legitimate step towards getting closer to where I want to be or am I chasing a shortcut?
  4. When I look back at this decision, how will I feel?
  5. What else haven't I considered that might help me make a better decision?
  6. Am I making this decision based on fear?
  7. Why am I really doing this?
  8. Can I deal with the consequences that will come from making this decision, this way?

There are no easy answers. Or easy questions. But these tough, discerning questions will save you heartache and disappointment.

They will protect your future momentum. Your destiny. That future you want so desperately for yourself. 

Take time now to think about where you want to be. And what you are willing to get there.

Are you willing to ask yourself hard questions? 

Dan Waldschmidt