You're Not Valuable To Others If You're Not Valuable To You First.

You can't be valuable to other people if you're not valuable to yourself.

What are you doing to take care of you? What are you doing to learn and grow?

You're not a robot. You don't have endless energy. And you get bothered by other people's cynicism and negativity.

You're human. You're probably also a "diamond in the rough." You have real potential for growth.

But only if you are willing to be uncomfortable enough to tease it out. To find it and develop it.

It's not automatic that you become valuable and that other people pay you for your value. Nor is it instantaneous.

It takes time and focus. Which is why you have to value yourself.

You have to know why your sacrifice matters. You have to keep that big goal of yours in mind.

Being valuable starts with valuing yourself enough to pause and meditate. Or go a walk. Or being self-aware to know when anger or fear drive you to make bad decisions. 

Or investing your money to work with coaches and mentors who force you to be better and squeeze that last bit of awesome out of everything that you do.

If your dream is valuable, then your life has to be valuable. It's up to you to live that way each day.

What are you doing to enrich your most valuable asset? You.

Dan Waldschmidt