Those Values You Wrote Down Are Bullshit.

It's easy to be philosophical about having a mission statement or purpose.

You've been asked before what your values are. It's another one of these commonly misunderstood business discussions.

Because usually, right after you are asked about your values, you are told to write it down.

"Put it on paper," the experts say. "Your values and Mission and purpose all need to be in writing."

But here’s the hard truth. What you write down means nothing.

How you live means everything. Your values aren't something that you aspire to be.

They are exactly how you were behaving this morning. And last night. And the weeks and months leading up to right now.

What you have valued is the sum total of your values.

It's not philosophical or aspirational. It's gritty, raw, and real. The "messy you." That side of reality you want to hide from others because sometimes it scares you.

That's what your values are all about. Ever-changing. Always evolving. Just like you.

You might value the wrong thing for a while, only to be snapped back to reality by a situation that forces you to reassess your thinking. Your values change.

What you put on paper means nothing. How you live your life means everything.

So what do you value? What are your values? What would others consider as the one thing that makes you valuable?

You're building that story right now by what you do next.

Dan Waldschmidt