Being Broke Is A State Of Mind. Nothing Else.

No matter what strategy you deploy or how hard you work, the success of your plan to be wealthy is directly determined by your thoughts.

Wealth for you might just mean being comfortable. It might mean you not having to worry about your bills or whether you can go on vacation.

It might not mean a multimillion-dollar net worth or multiple homes. It might just mean that you send your kids to the college that they've always dreamed about. That you can enjoy an afternoon of golf without worry.

Wealth is measured by what's in your head.

Your thoughts determine your destiny.

You are right now the result of what you have been thinking about. You will be what you allow yourself to think about going forward.

In that sense, you get to control your outcomes.

Not having money or fulfillment or fun isn't magic or a mystery. It's a state of mind. Being wealthy is a direct result of the positive and proactive thinking that you pipe between your ears.

As well, poverty is a state of mind.

It's a direct result of the thoughts you allow yourself to have.

You might not be where you want to be right now. You might feel stuck. Like your situation will never change. What determines your success isn't luck or a promotion or anything having to do with anyone else.

It's you. Your thoughts.

Remember that as you go about your daily life.

You’re only down if you think you’re down. You’re only stuck if you stop moving.

If you feel like you'll never get to where you want to be, you won't ever get there.

Take a hard look at the sounds you let into your ears.

Take a hard look at what you watch with your eyes, the friends you hang around with, what you find yourself reading, who you listen to for advice, and how you motivate yourself.

Focus and inspiration aren't an accident. They are habits. Carefully crafted ways you manage the thoughts you allow inside your head.

You can't rise higher than the thoughts that soar inside your conscience.

If you're not as successful as you want to be, it's probably not your plan or your process -- although those both matter mightily -- it's your thoughts.

Being poor is a state of mind. Being broke is a state of mind.

Maybe you are already successful, already rich, already wealthy, you just don't have the outward results yet.

Dan Waldschmidt