Why Wealth Is An Attitude Not A Bank Account Balance.

Wealth is an attitude long before it's an amount in your bank account.

If wealth is important to you then you'll achieve it. If having money is a priority then you will have it.

There's a certain irony to wealth that isn't often discussed.

You think you want to be wealthy, but you probably don't. You probably want to be comfortable. You probably want to have less stress in your life.

You probably want to know that you can go on vacation and enjoy life without running out of money unexpectedly.

And that's a good goal. But it's not the same as being wealthy.

Wealthy is about your quality of life. It's about more than just money. It's about happiness and fulfillment.

The sense that you're doing something magical for others that they can't do for themselves. That needs to be factored into you money plan.

If your head screwed up, your bank account will follow.

Money can buy you a lot of things, but it can't fix your head trash. Which is important to remember as you map out your future.

The things that stop you from accumulating money and having riches in monetary form all start inside your head. They are fears and unrealistic expectations. They are lies you've been told about what should happen or where you should be doing.

It's fascinating to observe the attitude of service that flows from self-made rich people. It's not universal.

It doesn't apply to everyone. But it is there most of the time.

They have accumulated wealth because of more than their ability to make money. They had a purpose behind it. A reason behind it. It was a calling. Part of their destiny.

Your path to wealth lies not in your ability to accumulate money but in your determination to free yourself from the negative thoughts that limit your ability to see the opportunity all around you.

Don't forget that. None of it will matter if you don't work that way.

Dan Waldschmidt