Why You Should Set Aside Time To Experience Your Breakthrough Moment

Breakthrough is an experience.

It doesn't happen automatically.  It's not luck. It's a process. 

Progress happens when people come together intentionally to allow it to happen.

Breakthrough happens when you set aside time to learn in a setting undistracted from your day-to-day grind. To hear insights from experts who've been through that battle before.

That's why I'm hosting AWESOMEPALOOZA.

You probably heard me talk about it on my podcast or seen an advertisement in our Facebook group or across the web.

We're working hard to get the story out, but I wanted to take a moment and let you know why.

There are times in my life when I have felt stuck -- even recently. It's a feeling that just sucks.

Maybe you have been there too. Where you don't know what to do to solve the problem. And you just wallow in self-pity and frustration.

But I've noticed a pattern in my life and in the high performers I've been able to coach.

People who experience breakthrough and continuously push themselves to new levels of greatness have a process for turning things around when they feel at their worst.

That observation triggered something for me. An obsession for figuring it out.

From Richard Bandler to Eckhart Tolle to Tony Robbins, Jordan Belfort, and count list spiritual, business, and sports performance experts, I have sat at the feet of great and wise people. Soaking up their knowledge and applying it in my own life where I can.

I've noticed the patterns of my own life. What I do when I'm feeling down. The destructive habits I revert to when I feel threatened. The cycle of pain and fear that distracts me from maintaining momentum.

AWESOMEPALOOZA is a 1-day breakthrough event -- a giant intensive working session to arm you with the tools and strategies to take your game to that next level.

It's not actually an event. It's an experience.

From the location in West Hollywood -- it's a film studio I was able to rent. To the speakers -- some of the smartest people on the planet who are also my friends. To the content -- everything you've already been thinking about and more. 

This whole day is built for you to have that breakout, breakthrough moment.

It starts the with the location. A creative, safe space to dig deep:

It's cool. And comfortable. And ready for you to jump in, get vulnerable, and grow. 

But it's not just the location that matter so much.  It's the speakers that I am inviting.

  • Bill Cortright and David Barreto, who are experts at stress mastery, are going to share their insights on living a life that is healthy, powerful, and fulfilling
  • Jason Womack, who wrote the "books" on momentum, is going to help us "burn the ships" and achieve progress using his proven process for growth
  • Broc Edwards and Cat Zultner, who lead our EDGY Empire of Awesomeness Facebook group, are going to share how taking small steps can unlock massive results
  • and more....

I can't even share one of the other special speakers that I booked for this event. It is my surprise for now. She is an amazing business leader and mentor to hundreds of start-up leaders. If you have an idea but need money or practical advice, meeting her is the best thing that ever happened to you.

Don't wait to "figure things out later". Don't stay stuck.

Take steps to learn more. Are you ready to experience breakthrough?

Dan Waldschmidt