The Riches of Investing In Relationships.

You won't achieve riches without relationships.

It is often been said that "your network is your net worth." The interesting thing about relationships is that you need them to be powerful and effective and rich long before you ever use them.

This means that part of your routine isn't just budgeting. It isn't just you cutting back on your expenses. It's you investing in something that doesn't require money at all.

You are rich when you build relationships with people who can help you achieve growth in your life. Personally and professionally, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

That means that you need to be giving value to others. Not just taking it.

That means that you need to have skills and ability that other people find attractive. That other people want to connect with you so that they can learn and grow and expand themselves.

This idea of having powerful relationships means that you have to grow yourself. You have to evolve. You have to do things that make you increasingly valuable.

One guaranteed way to do that is to read books.

Seek out mentors. Pay for coaching. Join an elite mastermind group.

Spend the money you make investing in your growth. Not just in stocks or Bitcoin or the latest startup idea your friend told you that you can't miss.

Relationships matter because when the chips are down and you're in a bad way, money is limited and its ability to save you. You can't buy friendship or loyalty or creative ideas.

That's got to come from relationships. How rich are you when it comes to other people?

Dan Waldschmidt