You're Not Discerning. You're Just Afraid.

Fear presents a huge challenge to any relationship.

While you might think that your fear protects you, it usually just limited to.

At a basic level, fear keeps you alive. It is your alarm system. Helping you survive in a world ofpotential problems and eventual mortality.

Fear keeps you alive. But at a cost. It cripples you.

Like a bird with its wings clipped, you stay safe. You stay grounded. You will never die because you never fall mightily to the ground.

That's because you won't ever have the chance to soar. To fly.

Fear is what does that.

Holding you back from your dreams. Holding you back from creating relationships that are vibrant and empowering.

When you're struggling to build relationships that mean something, look first to your fear. What is holding you back isn't safety or common sense. It is simply fear.

Something you had nothing to do with programming into your brain -- but a parasite you choose to allow to remain. 

Fear is a choice. So is belief. And healthy relationships.

Dan Waldschmidt