Your Relationships Are Only Limited By Your Beliefs.

One of the simplest building blocks for success is the belief that anything is possible.

It is the understanding that you get to decide the direction of your life. No one else decides for you.

No one can force you to be something you're not. The world isn't especially unfair to you. Luck isn't the answer to your frustrations.

Within you is everything that you will ever need to achieve the greatness you so desperately want for yourself.

It's inside you. Waiting to be unlocked.

Waiting for you to realize the full potential that you have.

And yet, if you don't believe that you get to choose, your existence is miserable. You'll never be happy and fulfilled. You will always feel trapped by whatever life brings you in the moment.

Even the good days will be maddening because you don't know how to create them. Or hold on to them. All you can do is hope that they last.

When you are truly honest with yourself you can not deny the full power of your ability to choose.

Already this morning you decided when to get out of bed. You decided what to wear. When to leave your house and go to the office. If you stopped for coffee. What to drink. What to eat. What channel to listen to on your radio.

In fact, you've made thousands of decisions in the last few minutes.

Most of them were automatic and subconscious.  Too unimportant to reach the top level of the decision-making part of your brain. Regardless, your ability to choose the story of your future is remarkable. 

Your relationships are one of these decisions you get to make. Who your friends are. What type of people you want to surround yourself with.

How you respond when you're hurt. Your reactions to other people's success.

There are thousands of decisions you get to make about your relationships.

You aren’t stuck with the people you have in your life right now. Anything is an option. Everyone is a possibility.

The only thing standing in your way is what you believe. Your relationships won't get better until your beliefs get better.

Dan Waldschmidt