What You See In Them Is Just a Reflection Of What's Inside You.

The quality of your relationships with other people is directly related to the quality of the relationship you have with you.

Your confidence in you. The fears and worries you allow yourself to continue to have. The pride and experience you've gained from hard work.

What you present to others is a direct result of how you see yourself. What you are doing to groom and improve and cultivate new abilities and beliefs in yourself.

If you don’t believe that success is possible then all of your relationships with other people are going to fail.

That has nothing to do with them.

That's on you.

It's your fault that all of the people in your life seem to crash and burn around you. It's your mindset and attitude -- and the beliefs that guide that process.

At the very root of improving your relationships with other people is you believing that a better you makes everything else better.

  • You being financially fit makes you less stressed out. That means you're more likely to be reasonable in discussions about money.
  • You being physically fit means that you can be more active and do more things. That means you're more likely to be able to compete with your peers and win.
  • You being emotionally fit means that you take bad news and disappointing situations in stride. That means you're not always lashing out at other people and blaming them for your personal situation.

If you want better relationships with other people, start with improving your relationship with you.

Read a book. Hire a coach. Hold yourself accountable for the promises you make and the goals that you set.

Step-by-step and day-by-day you'll attract people dedicated to doing the exact same thing.

Those are the people you've been wanting to have relationships with all along.

Dan Waldschmidt