6 Phrases That Make Every Business Relationship Better.

Business is about relationships.

Whether it's looking for new sales, keeping your current clients happy, or finding new motivation for your existing staff -- building strong relationships is key to achieving success.

But you already know that. It's pretty obvious.

Especially if you've been in business anytime at all.

Relationships matter. You can't hurt other people and expect to have a vibrant, powerful company.

But building those relationships is another story.

Despite knowing what you need to do, you don't automatically do it. In the day-to-day chaos and frustration of life, it's easy to let the stress and fear you feel distort your relationships with those around you.

So here are a few reminders and phrases to help you build those relationships better:

  1. "It's not the end of the world" -- People are going to mess up. They need to know that when they do, you aren't going to hit the roof if they come to you and tell you. 
  2. "I've got your back." and "I trust you." -- People need to know that you trust them and they need to know that when the going gets tough, you will be right by their side defending their decisions. 
  3. "What do you think about this?" -- Most people have really good ideas just sitting dormant in their minds. Things that they are too scared to mention, but they know are brilliant. Sometimes one simple question can give you a plethora of amazing answers. 
  4. "Great Idea." -- Do you know what one great idea leads to? Many, many more great ideas. Most ideas are never heard because it is our human nature to doubt ourselves. You tell your people that you think their ideas are great and you will get dozens more great ideas. 
  5. "Thank You" -- Whether it is for a job well done or working over for five extra minutes or coming in 10 minutes early, saying "thank you" let's people know that not only are you paying attention to the small things they are doing, you are appreciative of it (even if it's just five minutes).
  6. "I'm sorry. I screwed up." -- Sometimes a simple apology is all that is needed. Everybody knows you aren't perfect so prove them right by apologizing when you've made a mistake. Show people you are human even though you sometimes seem like a workaholic robot. 

Running a business is hard work. 

Because nurturing people is hard work.

Business relationships get better when you take the time to be human, well-meaning, and let people know that life will go on.

Most things can be fixed, and you will get through it together. That's where longevity comes from.

That's how businesses stay healthy.

Dan WaldschmidtLists