Your Commitment Isn't Measured By Other People's Recognition.

Only you know how committed you really are. Your commitment might bubble up to other people's attention from time to time. But it's really a "you thing."

You're the one who manages your commitment. You maintain your commitment. You demand commitment of yourself.

No one else can make you be more committed or force you to break your commitments.

Just because someone is getting recognition doesn't mean that they're committed. Just because you're not getting the same level of recognition doesn't mean that you're not committed. Or not as committed as they are.

Being recognized for your accomplishments isn't the same as being committed.

Many of the greatest individuals of our universe have lived quiet lives of commitment, only to receive recognition after their passing. Whether it's art, science, business, or politics -- being recognized isn't a sign of your commitment. That, or the lack thereof.

Being recognized isn’t a measuring stick for your success. It’s nice when it happens. It’s not necessary. And it doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t happen. Right away or ever.

You aren't responsible for other people's attitudes, actions, or interpretations. So basing your measurements and personal self-rating on what other people do or think is absolutely absurd.

It is a recipe for disaster. It will drive you insane and derail you from your important commitments. Being committed is a "you thing." It's inside you. Whether you get an award or not.

So stop waiting for other people to recognize your hard work and commitment. Just be committed.

Dan Waldschmidt