Your Commitment Is Only As Strong As Your Focus.

Being committed requires focus. 

Perhaps that is the greatest price you'll have to pay to be committed. To stay committed. You have to focus. 

You can't do everything. You can't win everything. You can't multitask from idea to idea, hoping that's something you're doing is going to lead to an outcome you call success. 

Being committed demands more than that. Singular vision. 

You claiming exactly what you want for yourself. Not in fancy speeches, but in your attention to detail. In how you make the hard decision to avoid what is new and shiny in place of what matters most to you. 

Focus is hard because it is deeply personal.

And telling yourself "NO" is hard. Especially when you've been committed in the past and feel like you need a break right now. 

Commitment isn't just about how you spend your money or time. In fact, those are just a ticket to the game. Not the secret to you winning the game. 

Committment is difficult because it requires all of you. 

You can't fake it. Or buy it. You can't be partly in and still successful.  

Commitment demands all of you. All of your intellect. All of your emotional courage. Your talents. And skills. And perspective.

Remember that as you make choices today about how to spend your time. Remember that as you look for answers to problems that seem insurmountable. 

Yourcommitment is only as strong as your focus.

Dan Waldschmidt