You Can Be Committed Whenever You Damn Well Please.

Commitment is an instantaneous option.

There's no historical requirement that you were already committed or boot camp you have to graduate from in order to be committed.

Being committed demands no extraordinary feat of human valor. Nothing for you to prove. No one to impress.

Commitment is something that you can flip the switch on right now. It's an instantaneous option.

Something that you can make the choice to become whenever you choose.

  • There's no requirement that you were committed before. You just need to be committed right now.
  • There's no requirement that you be committed for a certain length of time. You being committed today is all that counts.

You should be excited knowing that you can be committed instantaneously.  

If you have screwed up in the past, you can change all of that right now.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been flaky and noncommittal, wavering, ambivalent, or uninspired. You can set a new course instantaneously—and intentionally.

You just resolve to be committed. For this one thing, right now. For this moment, right now.

You don't need to think about or solve the long-term effects of commitment or how unreliable you might have been in the past when you've tried to commit. 

All that matters is the decision you make for right now.

So take the opportunity to start fresh. Reboot. Drop the baggage from your past. And start anew.

Commit. Or recommit. Seize this moment to make progress on your dreams.

Dan Waldschmidt