When You Set Limits On Your Commitment.

You say you're committed. But what does that even mean? 

Commitment has its limits. For you. For everyone. 

How far are you willing to go to achieve what matters to you? 

That answer isn't simple. Because life isn't simple. It's complex. 

Success is messy. 

You won't get to where you want to be without problems. Without you making mistakes. 

That’s the essence of commitment — what you’re willing to do when you’ve already done what seems like should be enough.

But commitment determines that it it's not enough. Not until you get to where you want to be. 

So what are your limits? What are the boundaries you place on your commitment? 

Do you have to receive love in order to keep giving love?

Maybe you only stick with your weight loss journey as long as other people notice you and are cheering you on. 

It's different for each of us. Those limits. But they're real and they control everything about what you do. Consciously. And subconsciously. 

Once you exceed the limits of your commitment, you are guaranteed to give up. 

Guaranteed to slow down. Guaranteed to back away from doing the hard things that ultimately decide your success. 

So what are your limits? 

Are you only willing to do what is right as long as everyone else around you knows that it's you doing it? 

How about your fitness? Maybe you only save money and give generously when it's comfortable. 

You limit your potential for happiness and grand achievement by the thoughts you think and your desires. 

So if you find yourself coming up short way too often, if you find yourself capable but not committed, you might need to push back the edges of your limits. 

Do something that's scary.

Put yourself in the position where you have to try something new. 

  1. Wake-up with a dream and a goal and make progress from the start.
  2. Be aware of your limits. Be aware of the things you do to yourself that create those limits. 
  3. Stay away from negative people and influences that make you think less of yourself.
  4. Make time for inspiration. 

Pour oxygen on the fires of inspiration that keep you motivated and pushing past your limits of yesterday.

Dan Waldschmidt