How to Stay Committed On the Inside.

Commitment starts on the inside with your identity. And the stories you tell yourself about yourself.

From the inside it works itself out.

To the actions that you take. To the attitudes and outlooks that you have.

What you do is a direct result of who you are. What you believe is possible. How you interpret the opinions of other people.

Recently I was able to spend time with Jim Fortin to dig a bit deeper into the underlying impact of thoughts and subconscious bias on achieving success.

I don't know that I've ever spoken to someone who so powerfully encapsulates the pursuit of success like he does.

Not loud and gregarious, he speaks earnestly. Intelligently. Factually.

  • About how your brain decides for you most of the time.
  • About how your thoughts impact your greatness.
  • About how willpower won't help you for very long.

If you want to be committed, you have to figure out how to master the stories you tell yourself.

Jim will tell you how to do that. Listen in as the two of us spend a few minutes talking about success, subconscious commitment, why you do what you do, and how to quit bad habits once and for all.

You can't be committed to a goal on the outside that you're not committed to on the inside. It can't happen. It won't happen. Not now. Not ever.

By the way, if you're intrigued by the material that Jim shares in our interview, then you'll want to take advantage of his free video series.

If you are looking for that extra edge in your sales games, if you are looking for ways to drop that bad habit that's been holding you back, if you're looking to reinvent yourself and drop the baggage that's been holding you back from achieving happiness -- click the link below and continue your journey.

Dan Waldschmidt