You Don't Get To Pretend That Your Decisions Don't Matter.

Commitment comes at a cost. 

To be committed to one thing means that you're uncommitted to everything else. 

You can't be committed to everything at the same time.  

if you get the feeling from time to time that you are "spread to thin," you are probably not committed. Not like you should be.

There is a cost to being committed. 

And perhaps the steepest investment you have to make is being focused. In telling yourself "NO." In turning down good ideas. 

You only have so much bandwidth -- emotionally and financially.

You can't pursue your dream part-time and be successful.

Commitment forces you to hone your attention and skills towards a singular majestic purpose.

But that's not free.

Destiny demands dedication. While your friends and peers and family can enjoy a life that is unfocused, you have to be militant with how you spend your time. With how you use your resources.

You don’t get to shrug off the small decisions. You don’t get to pretend like your decisions don’t matter.

Being committed is that next level of discipline. It requires constant attention and unwavering focus. Which shouldn't be a problem in the first place.

After all, you're committed. Right?

Dan Waldschmidt