Without Gratitude You Miss Out On An Opportunity For Greatness.

Gratitude is a decision. It's an option that you can choose at any time.

Regardless of what's going on around you practicing gratitude is an option.

It's more than an option, a decision, or a choice. It's a mindset. And a smart one at that.

You might be broke, fighting for a minimum wage that is $15 per hour. But you probably make more than $15 per month -- which is the average salary of a worker in Ghana.

  • Yes, you're working hard everyday.

  • Yes, you make smart choices.

  • Yes, you learn and grow and evolve each day.

But it's undeniable that the launch pad for your life — where you started — is something that you had nothing to do with.

You didn't make the decision where you were born. You should be grateful for that geographic advantage.

The same is true about countless other things that make up the mosaic of your daily existence.

For a moment, think about the positive things in your life. Think about the people you love most. Think about where you have worked.

Think about the magical moments in your life where you're pretty sure luck was on your side.

Think deeply about all those moments and then ask yourself a simple question: "Did I do this all on my own?"

Probably not. And by the way, that's not a smear on your work ethic or anything the least bit negative. It's just an observation in providence.

It's a reason for gratitude. You're not in this all by yourself.

You are loved. You are noticed. You matter.

And not just in the physical world where you cultivate friends and develop new relationships. It seems to me an undeniable fact that a Higher Being has your best interests at heart. Looking out for you. Putting in place the stepping stones to move you towards where I need to be.

And that, my friends, is perhaps the most important reason for gratitude.

But again, it's your choice. Your option. Your decision.

But when you put it all into perspective, not being grateful seems like a crime. At best, a missed opportunity for greatness.

Dan Waldschmidt