The Cost Of Small Bad Decisions.

I often joke from the stage that my mom used to tell me “If you can't do something brilliant, just don't do something stupid.”

By this time in my life and after hundreds of keynotes I'm not actually sure if it was my mom or someone else that told me that. Maybe it was a book. Who knows?

The reason why that quote has so much impact for me — and why it's incredibly sticky once you hear it — is that it rings true for each of us.

No matter how many good decisions you make in your life, your results will always be limited by the scale and scope of your bad decisions.

In other words, no matter how good you are, you're never better then your worst decision. In that moment at least.

We all love a comeback story. And certainly, you can always change where you are in life. You can always level up. Getting better as an option for anyone at any time.

Just know that your decisions have consequences, for good or bad. And know that all the incredible decisions you make on a daily basis — even a minute-by-minute basis — can be easily negated by a thoughtless, harmful decision.

So slow down. Think. Don’t let how you feel right now create a mess for yourself down the road.

Dan Waldschmidt