The Best Explanation For Your Choices.

Our lives are full of choices. The number is endless. They come it all shapes and sizes, varieties and difficulty.

You have the choice when you want to get up and the choice to go to work or not, whether you read a book or listen to your favorite entertainment program.

The choices aren't just big things like entertainment and exercise, or work, religion, or relationship status. You get to decide the exact shade of red on the shirt that you wear.

You get to make the decision whether you smile by showing your teeth or just by using your lips.

These choices are impossibly endless. But you get to control them.

You get to decide them. And just knowing that should empower you. It should embolden you to live life on your own terms. Not because you have anything to prove to anyone else. But because your terms are the best terms.

Why would you let anyone else choose what you do or who you are when it’s your life?

When it's your destiny. When it's you who has to live with the outcomes.

And, if knowing that doesn't empower you, the opposite should scare you.

If you don't get to make all the choices in your life, what choices do you get to make? Who decides how empowered you are? Is there a time and place when you get to choose?

It's really scary to live in a world where you get to choose some of the things that matter in your life but not others. Imagine being held captive by the choices that others make for you.

It's even scarier when you're not completely sure which options you have. Which choices you get to make yourself.

The most logical explanation for this question about choices and destiny is that it is an all-or-nothing situation.

You control everything about your choices or nothing at all. You claim it and control it, taking the good with the bad, regardless of the situation you're put in. Or the opposite is true.

You spend your life hoping that things get better. Where sometimes it seems like you're getting lucky — and you hope that lasts. But you never really know how or why things work out. You never really know who is in control or who to blame for the dark moment you find yourself in.

The most logical explanation for your choices in life is that you control all of them.

You decide what and how and who. You decide your actions and reactions.

Everything you do and everything you are as a result of a choice you get to make. That's just the best explanation for your choices.

So what do you choose?

Dan Waldschmidt