Possibility Is a Decision.

Possibility is simply a matter of perspective.

What seems impossible to one person is an obvious, no-brainer to someone else.

What you think of as possible is simply a belief. It's not fact. It's not even always reasonable. It's just what you believe to be true.

Of course, your belief isn't an accident. It's shaped by your life experience. The good times. And the bad.

Over the years, you develop powerful beliefs about the world around you.

Most of your beliefs you don't even think all that much about.

You have just developed them over time, subconsciously.

When you've been hurt, you most often label that experience as bad and work to avoid it. When faced with a similar circumstance in the future, you will automatically come to a snap judgment about whether that situation is beneficial to you or not.

Pain drives your beliefs. So does pleasure. But especially pain.

Your internal operating system works extra hard to help you avoid situations where you're likely to experience pain, frustration, or annoyance.

When you're young, almost anything is possible. At least that's how you think about life.

Maybe that’s how we should think about things all the time.

That anything is possible.

Dan Waldschmidt