Why Aren't You Talking About That?

Empathy. That's how you make other people awesome. You empathize with them.

You acknowledge their faults and work to make them better. You push them and hold them accountable. You don't let them make excuses because they're feeling tired or sore from the battle.

You challenge them to get back out there and claim their destiny. It's not good enough to want more for yourself or to be the perfect example for those who are looking to level up.

You have to challenge and persuade with your words — to showcase the opportunity for greatness with the inspiration that you share.

Staying motivated isn’t a one-time thing, it’s an all-the-time lifestyle.

You aren’t sharing cheeky inspiration to make somebody smile. You’re sharing the words that have helped you get things done — even on those days where it feels like nothing is working.

That requires empathy.

You have to acknowledge their pain. You can't run from it or pretend like it doesn't exist. And it makes no sense to be proud of “seeing life as black-and-white.”

In truth, the battle doesn't make sense and isn't always completely logical. You have to be comfortable living in the gray. You have to be okay with things not working out all the time.

You have to except that there are days where everything is going to feel awkward and uncertain.

That's inevitable. Just part of the grind. So why aren't you talking about that?

It helps others be awesome when they hear you sharing the hard truth of the journey.

It helps them to know that what they're going through isn't because life is especially unfair to them or because they are a royal screw up. It's the journey and people get hurt moving down the path.

Some days the battle is tough. It's not pleasant to be made fun of or fail.

You’re not the only one going through it. Everybody around you, striving for their own brand of success, is going through the exact same emotional conquest.

Have a little more empathy. Be a little more human. Take the time to make sure you help somebody else each day. Use your words to inspire.

Dan Waldschmidt