Not "What" But "How" And "Why".

The things that derail you aren't simply professional. They are personal.

It's not that you lost your job that bothers you. It's the fear that you might not get another one soon enough.

It's not that you don't know how to close a business deal. It's that you don't ask hard questions because you lack self-confidence.

Time after time after time, the things that slow you down and stall your professional results have little to do with professional skills. They are personal. Personal inadequacies.

That's normal. You're human. And humans are flawed.

So it's very likely that you're searching for the answer to your problems in the wrong spot.

You're looking for a fix by leveling up your professional skills — new strategies and ideas from others who have faced the same business challenge you're going through and come out the other side better off.

That's a great start. But it certainly should not be where you finish.

Breakthrough requires more than just knowledge, Concepts, and experience. It demands that you expose yourself entirely. Pull back the layers of your excuses and dive deep into the messiness of your humanness.

To get back on track, you have to ask not “what is happening” and “how you can fix it”, but “why it’s happening” and “how you started down that path in the first place.”

There's always a link between professional success and personal motivation.

Look a bit deeper when you're trying for breakthrough.

Not “what” — but “how” and “why”.

Dan Waldschmidt