Is This Thought Helping Me Get Closer To Where I Want To Be?

If thoughts become things, what are the things you're creating with the conversations you're having with your self? The conversations you have with yourself that no one else gets to be a part of.

How you pick yourself up when things are bad. Or how you push yourself down when you sense the slightest bit of failure on the horizon.

Your candor with others isn't the greatest use of your care. It's important, but not as important as the conversations you have with yourself.

Because the conversations you have with you inside your head determined who you become. And who you are trumps and ultimately determines what you do.

How you act with others is just a magnification of how you are treating yourself.

You can’t inspire and encourage, empower, or embolden others when the way you treat yourself is lacking in love, support, and understanding.

And this isn't a wishy-washy discussion about you making excuses for poor behavior. It's the honest-to-God reason why you're not performing at the level you want to.

The thoughts you are having with yourself are leading to your self destruction.

They become things of sabotage rather than a foundation from which to build your dynasty.

So watch what you say to yourself. Be deliberate about walking away from negativity inside your own head.

Stop yourself. You don't have to think bad thoughts. You can make the choice to stop thinking them. To change the thoughts going through your head.

And it starts with a simple question. It's not hard. It just requires a little bit of discipline: “Is this thought creating a thing that will help me get closer to where I want to be?”

If the answer is “NO” then you need to change that thought.

You need to find a way to get inside your head and unkink the stubborn, fearful parts of you that are causing you to self destruct.

And while none of that is easy or automatic, it is necessary. And wildly important. Especially if you have big dreams and are desperate to get to where you want to be.

What things are you creating with your thoughts? Are they getting you closer to your destiny? Or are you just reliving your history?

Perhaps your best bits practicing radical candor are best served inside the chaos of your own thoughts.

Dan Waldschmidt