How To Get Back To Being Awesome When The Bottom Drops Out.

It's inevitable that you're going to face setbacks. You're going to wake up some mornings and feel like nothing you've been doing is working.

You're going to get depressed, feel discouraged, and wonder if maybe you're the type of person that isn't supposed to be successful.

Deep down, you know that's crazy talk. You know the rules of the game — that if you work hard and believe in something bigger than yourself, you can achieve anything.

You know it's true that the seeds you plant, lead to the harvest you reap.

The problem is that when you’re wound up and beaten down, you can’t think straight.

Your perspective is off.

You can't see what you need to see, because your vision is clouded by the emotion and anguish you feel.

The good news is that how you feel right now will change. You will feel better. The sun will brighten, and along with it your outlook on your destiny.

It might take a week. Or a month. Or year. It might take half a lifetime — but eventually you will feel better.

You'll realize that life isn't all bad and that success is indeed possible. That you can be happy and fulfilled, despite the obstacles that are in your way.

The key to success is shortening that gap.

Reducing the cycle time of your misery. Turning those hours and weeks of despair and suffering into milliseconds of self-awareness, purpose, and re-commitment.

You know already that you need to change your thinking when you’re feeling discouraged. But that's easier said than done.

So what's the secret to getting yourself out of a funk and driving magnificently towards success -- repurposed, re-energized, and ready to take on the world?

You need someone else to reboot you. It’s that simple.

The fastest path to your emotional turnaround is another person. Someone who's not going through what you're going through right now. A different perspective. A new way of seeing the world.

That's the secret to turning things around.

To get back to being successful you can’t just do more work or shove down your emotions even further. You’re probably already tapped out on both.

If you want to get your head straight faster — and cycle back towards greatness — then you need other people around you who can help make that happen.

And where do you find these people:

  1. Read inspiring books on awesome subjects — like Peter Bregman’s “Leading With Emotional Courage”, Kim Scott’s “Radical Candor”, and Tim Grover’s “Relentless”

  2. Subscribe to blogs that help you think differently — like the articles from James Clear, the irreverent insights of Erika Napoletano, long-form stories from Narratively, or the thoughtful perspective from Zen Habits.

  3. Listen to podcasts from people who elevate your thinking — like “Getting Curious” with Jonathan Van Ness or all the different video podcasts coming out from Tyler Harris and his team.

  4. Seek out mentors and coaches who can level-up your skills — like James Wedmore, Melinda Emerson, or Chad Cooper.

  5. Engage in a trusted community where you can get help — like The EDGY Empire of Awesomeness, YPO, EO, or your local business group.

Don’t stop with one idea or strategy. Develop each of them. And more.

Some days you are going to need all the help you can get.

Don’t let how you feel right now cripple your ability to do what is necessary to get to where you want to be.

Reach out for help. Get your head straight. And then get back out there into the battle.

Greatness is too important to be ruined by your thoughts.

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