10 Awesome Ideas For Being An Awesome Person.

You can't make other people awesome if you're not committed to the same for yourself. The way people learn how to be awesome is by watching you do it first.

They see you achieving greatness in spite of the obstacles that are in your way. They notice how you practice kindness to those who don't deserve it. How you work hard and stay optimistic in spite of tough times and impossible obstacles.

They learn how to think and act based on what they see you do.

The most important thing you can be doing right now is to live a life that’s intentionally awesome.

It doesn't need to include luxury or fame, awards, promotion, or grandeur. There are however, a few things it should include.

Here are a few awesome ideas for being an awesome person:

  1. Love the things you love even if others think your passion is stupid. Pay attention to the people who you admire for doing extraordinary things. They do that by being a little bit weird. Try it.

  2. Try new things — even when they are scary and new. You don’t know what you like or dislike and you won’t know what you are good at until you try everything you get access to. Don’t limit yourself.

  3. Stop taking criticism so darn personally. Here is the hard truth — your toughest critics are the ones who have the greatest potential to show you the path to being awesome because they don’t hold back. Listen.

  4. Embrace failure. View it as an opportunity to “figure it out.” Success isn’t a test you take or a race you run. It is a process. A series of experiments as you work to figure it out. So stop giving up. Just work.

  5. Keep your vices under control. Drink a beer. Or Don’t. Whatever you do, don’t let vices like drugs, porn, or alcohol slow you down in your pursuit of achieving progress. Avoid anything that gets in your way.

  6. Give people a chance — and then a second chance. Stop judging people and situations so quickly. You might think that you can tell if a person is going to be cool. But maybe you just need to be friendly.

  7. Ignore the advice of people who “don’t get it.” Your parents were right at one time — but they might not have current advice. The same is true with that certification or diploma. Find out for yourself.

  8. Be a helpful person. Stop thinking only about yourself. Everyone is going through something. You can be valuable to the world when you reach out and give time and attention to people who need it most.

  9. Never stop learning. Get a degree. Or don’t. Whatever you do, keep adding new voices and new ideas to what you consume each day. Make it a habit to learn and grow. Keep an open mind. Then fill it.

  10. Don’t wait for a better time to get started on being awesome. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Today is a gift. Treat it that way. Quit stalling and just jump into the mix. Go for what you want and encourage others to do the same.

Be the type of person who would want others to be.

Don’t expect people to copy you — or even notice you at first. But they will. And when they do, you need to be able to explain your rules for achieving awesomeness.

The difference between who you are right now and who you want to be is what you do.

Share with them this list. Encourage them to own it. To make it better.

Keep pushing limits. Never settle. Be awesome.

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