When You're Not Tired Any More.

One of the side benefits of pursuing your purpose is the energy that it brings you.

Life without purpose is hard. It's a grind. You're tired. And uninspired.

Nothing you do seems to matter too much or brings you lasting enjoyment.

Purpose makes you powerful. It’s not about strength. It’s about stamina. Endurance.

Having a purpose empowers you to go further than you've ever imagined previously -- and to do it feeling as if you got more energy behind what you've already spent.

Your body gets tired. You get frustrated. You still face problems.

Success does not automatically roll out the red carpet in front of you.

The change is inside you. Within your soul. And spirit. You are supercharged by your calling. That's the benefit of pursuing your purpose.

Even before you find it, you realize the benefit of it.

You are rewarded by it. Just the pursuit brings you energy.

So if you find yourself frustrated as you pursue money or fame or justice, maybe that's a sign that you're not questing after your true purpose. Maybe that's a sign that there's so much more you could be doing.

It sounds like a better strategy to fight for more money or for more attention, but you'll have way more power and create more change and realize more wealth and happiness when you pursue your purpose.

Dan Waldschmidt