When Your Purpose Becomes Exponential.

There's a surprising side benefit to living a life with purpose.

You inspire those around you to do the exact same thing.

Think about your own personal motivation. Your inspiration for the quest you're on right now most likely came from another person.

Maybe not entirely. But most assuredly in some way.

That's the power of purpose.

We're all looking for it. Searching for it. Trying to find it. Trying to keep it.

It can feel like a fog.

And then all of a sudden, bursting in perfect clarity in front of us, we see it. The results of a purpose-driven life.

A clear example of someone with a purpose and the effort behind it to realize world-changing results.

That's what we call awesome.

That's the adjective we use. It's the only way to describe it. It's universal.

The true impact of your purpose isn’t only that you create things of beauty and awesomeness but that you inspire others to do the same.

Your purpose is exponential.

It not only shines a light on the road ahead for you but for all those watching you as well.

Dan Waldschmidt