The Power Of Making Right Now As Purposeful As Possible.

To be successful you don't need to know the purpose for your life right now.

You just need to know your purpose for right now. This moment. What you are going to do next.

That's the secret to staying motivated and creating the momentum to lead you to uncover your ultimate purpose.

It is so easy to become so enamored with the prospect of your future that you lose track of the importance of what you're doing right now.

You forget that your future is a direct result of all the now moments between now and then.

Your future isn’t an action you take. It’s the results of the action that you’ve already taken.

It's the consequence of your purpose for right now. Good or bad. Awesome or indifferent.

Purpose isn't something that finds you. It's what you become.

It's what you do with your life. Which makes all the small things in your life that much more important.

  • Paying attention when someone else is talking to you.
  • Being generous with your money and attention.
  • Giving your support to those who need it.
  • Being kind when it's easier to be mean.
  • Mastering the details with getting it done is a lot less painful.

The tiny moments that make up every part of your daily existence.

Those things are what dictate your life long potential. Your purpose.

Looking back you'll see the impact of your choices to make right now as purposeful as possible. 

Dan Waldschmidt