Success Is Measured In Purposeful Moments. Not Years.

Don't be so sidetracked pursuing a life of purpose that you forget that you have a purpose for right now.

Whatever you're doing right now, in this very moment, demands the best you have to offer. And your purpose is to do just that.

To be your best. Not at five different things. The one thing that you're facing this very moment.

That is you being purposeful. Focused on what needs to be done. Delivering the best you have to offer in focused bursts of outrageous intensity.

The impact of living a life of purpose, of having a purpose, isn’t measured in lifetime’s. It is measured in moments. Seconds. Not years.

And that is what makes living a life of purpose so challenging. So difficult.

It requires your best attention. It demands your utmost focus and determination.

You can't multitask your way to purpose.

You have to approach it with a singular interest on results.

So while you're busy today living your life, doing all the things that you think need to be done so that you can start pursuing your purpose, remember the power of tiny moments.

Remember that your purpose is meant for these busy moments. And success is ultimately determined by how you use them.

By how you focus your attention and talents in those tiny windows of your time.

Purpose is for right now. This moment and the next. Give the very best you have.

Dan Waldschmidt