How To Miss Less, Win More, And Make Each Moment Matter.

The quantity of your purpose is directly related to the quality of your life experience.

The magnitude of your success depends on how you approach the hard lessons life will teach you.

Which is why purpose matters.

Without a life of purpose, you are destined to keep making the same mistakes.

Lurching forward sporadically. And then finding yourself pulled back by the consequences of poor choices and unlearned lessons.

It's a "hit-or-miss" existence. And any hits just don't feel worth it.

The essence of purpose is to use your mistakes as guideposts for future success.

To learn and grow and adapt. To avoid making easy excuses and blaming others for where you are in life right now.

That means you can no longer shuffle your way through life as if success will come to you automagically. Because it won't.

You have to wake up each day with a specific plan for that day.

And not just a plan, you need a process for how you are going to execute your plan.

It's not crazy to take that a step further and refine your schedule down to a series of hour by hour activities. Sometimes, even minute by minute.

And then leave yourself some room for self-reflection. Time to review how purposeful you have actually been.

  1. Could you have spent your time in a more useful way?
  2. Did you get the results you were expecting from your effort?
  3. What specifically could you do better next time to achieve the outcome you have been working towards?

There is pain in purpose.

You either suffer the ill effects of perpetual setbacks or demand uncomfortable discipline of yourself. It is your decision to make.

So take back control. Own your day.

Live a big life. Impact the world around you. Experience wealth and happiness like never before.

It's possible. But not without purpose.

Dan Waldschmidt